Best Practices: Streaming Data into Cloud Data Lakes for Impactful Analytics

Watch this presentation beginning with John O’Brien of Radiant Advisors providing a detailed review of the convergence of three major trends - streaming data, cloud adoption and enterprise data lake acceptance - supports a modern approach to data integration for powerful, effective analytics. Additionally, he shares research, experience and real-world examples that have come together into observed patterns for success in modern data integration to maximize the use of streaming data.

Moreover this webinar also explores:

  • The importance and value of populating a cloud-based data lake with streaming operational data

  • Recommendations and architecture approaches to stream operational data to the cloud

  • How to leverage database replication with modern data integration techniques including change data capture technology for real-time insights

  • Real-world examples of impactful analytics supported by streaming data

   John O’Brien, Radiant Advisors
   Jordan Martz, Attunity

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