Today’s enterprises require an SAP-optimized and need client replication technology to meet fast-changing business requirements in an agile fashion. They need to replicate their data for real-time analytics on new platforms like Hadoop, Kafka and the cloud. They also need to efficiently copy and refresh data subsets for HANA migrations and testing of new SAP application releases.
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Attunity, the #1 independent provider of real-time data replication software, enables universal availability of your valuable SAP data across your SAP applications and analytics platforms, on premises and in the cloud. Read this knowledge brief to learn more about the Attunity product suite includes two solutions that easily integrate your SAP data into new platforms for analytics and testing.

Attunity Replicate provides change data capture (CDC) technology for continuous and heterogeneous replication of SAP data. And, Attunity Gold Client provides specific and secure SAP test data refresh with intelligent sub-setting.

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