Insight-Driven Manufacturing: Converting Raw Data into Actionable Intelligence

Featuring Michael Lock, VP and Principal Analyst at Aberdeen

Manufacturers today are using analytics to fine tune forecasts, inventory levels, product quality, testing efficiency and production.

From machine data and real-time production information to traditional financial reporting data, few industries can claim a more fertile ground of data like the manufacturing sector.   

Join our webinar, featuring Michael Lock, Aberdeen’s Vice President and Principal Analyst, and Attunity's Kevin Petrie, Senior Director, as we discuss:

  • Key findings from Aberdeen’s recent report on analytic trends and best practices
  • Top data-related challenges faced by manufacturers today
  • Key strategies for top-notch data management and analytics in manufacturing
  • Manufacturing performance boosts using a Best-in-Class approach to data management
  • Innovative software solutions enabling data management automation and higher productivity

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