Leverage Real-time IoT Data from the Plant Floor for BI Across the Enterprise

High‑tech manufacturers use sensors to capture data at critical steps in the manufacturing process. This data is useful at the time of manufacture, to detect problems while they are occurring. However, some subtle problems—the “unknown unknowns”—may not be detected at time of manufacture. Nevertheless, those may lead to higher rates of malfunction after the product is purchased.

When a product is returned with problems, the manufacturer can do forensic tests on the product and combine the forensic data with the original sensor data from when the product was manufactured. This manufacturing data provides added visibility across a large number of products and helps the manufacturer improve the process and products to levels not possible in a data-scarce environment.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • Sciemetric collects and manages IoT data from the plant floor for their manufacturing customers

  • To use Attunity Replicate to ingest real-time data into the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)

  • Customers are achieving insights from their IoT data across the enterprise

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