Despite the business value that data warehouses can deliver, too often they fail to meet the fast-changing needs of today’s enterprise. Why? Obstacles include traditional data integration technology, the need for multiple tools and rigid waterfall development methods. As a result, data warehouses can take too long to deliver, cost too much to build and maintain, and lag behind changing business requirements.

Watch to explore how you can adopt Agile Data Warehousing to modernize your data management processes and architecture. We’ll introduce you to a refreshing approach that accelerates and simplifies the design, construction and maintenance of data warehouses, data marts and hubs.

Learn how to:

  • Achieve a robust data delivery architecture with modern, agile development software and break free of expensive consultants
  • Significantly reduce the time and cost of data warehouse management
  • Eliminate the need for error-prone, time-consuming and repetitive manual coding
  • Break down silos to improve governance and data consistency
  • Deliver current data to business users faster than they expected and well below budget
You’ll also see a demo of Attunity Compose, an agile automation solution for designing, building, deploying, running and managing a nimble and responsive BI and Analytics Backbone.

Attunity’s Kevin Petrie and Brian Jones

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