Cloudera.pngStreaming your SAP Data to the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub with Attunity

For data-driven organisations, your insight and the ability to innovate or differentiate is only as good as the data you have access to. The challenge for many organisations is that the data they need is locked into a variety of silos.

One of the most a widely deployed ERP applications locking some of the greatest value to the enterprise today is SAP.

Watch this webinar with Attunity’s Ted Orme, and Cloudera’s Wim Stoop, to find out:

  • The common challenges faced by enterprises trying to access their SAP data
  • How organisations can benefit from breaking down data silos for true data-driven insights
  • How change data capture (CDC) technology is perfect for real-time SAP integrations
  • Why organisations are using Attunity Replicate for SAP to stream SAP data in to Kafka/Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub

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