Top Retailer Fanatics Uses a Data Lake on AWS for Analytics

Learn how top online sports retailer, Fanatics, used Attunity CloudBeam and AWS to analyze large volumes of data from a variety of back office systems so they could better understand their customers and find new ways to delight them.

Presented by:

Reza S. Khan, Director of Product Management, Attunity
Kiran Nagarur, Sr. Director, Data Science and Engineering, Fanatics
Rahul Bhartia, Partner Solutions Architect, Big Data

Watch the webinar featuring Attunity, AWS, and a data scientist from Fanatics, to learn:

  • How to replicate data to the cloud continuously with zero downtime
  • How to quickly and easily set up a data lake in AWS S3
  • How to use Hadoop on the cloud to get more value from your data

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