Is your current data replication provider failing to meet the needs of your business? Is your team spending days scripting jobs manually or trying to avoid getting locked into costly, multi-year contracts? Attunity Replicate offers a better way.

Watch this webinar to learn what differentiates Attunity, the #1 independent real-time data integration software provider, from the competition. We will explore the advantages of Attunity Replicate over Oracle GoldenGate, and examples of the business benefits we enable for Fortune 500 customers.

Learn about Attunity Replicate’s capabilities, including:

  • Broadest support  for market-leading databases, data warehouses, Hadoop and Cloud
  • Zero footprint architecture – no agent installation required on sources or targets
  • Easy-to-use GUI  Drag & drop user interface
  • Simple set-up  wizard-driven, with no scripting required
  • Proven high performance  In-memory streaming change data capture (CDC) technology optimizes data movement and eliminates bottlenecks
We also include a demo showing award-winning Attunity Replicate enabling fast and easy data delivery from Oracle and SQL Server 2016 into Hadoop.

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