Create A Data Warehouse in Just Days - with Attunity Compose & Attunity Replicate 

Presented by:
Kevin Petrie, Senior Director at Attunity
Jordan Martz, Director Technical Solutions, Attunity

Need Agile Business Intelligence (BI)?

Can you benefit from building a data warehouse 4x faster and with 80% less resources?

Download this exclusive webinar to see how Attunity Compose makes this a reality. A modern data warehouse automation solution, it automatically generates the tables and code needed to build and populate data warehouses and data marts. And – it is fully integrated with Attunity Replicate.

In this webinar, you’ll hear about customer successes and learn how to:

  • Reduce BI projects from months - down to days
  • Eliminate complex, time-consuming ETL coding
  • Automate the data warehousing creation process
  • Keep up with the always-changing reporting requirements of your business
  • Increase response speed and productivity
You’ll also see a live demo of Attunity Compose, and its seamless integration with Attunity Replicate, enabling a smooth data warehouse automation process with real-time data movement to all the leading databases, data warehouses, Hadoop and the cloud.

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