Data-driven companies are pushing the envelope, looking for easier and quicker ways to unlock some of their most important data to improve business analytics. One of the key sources of this information is existing enterprise applications for resou​rce (ERP) and material planning (MRP), and supply chain orchestration (SCM). This means integrating key information from applications such as SAP into streaming, data lake and cloud analytics platforms. While these initiatives require more strategic approaches than previous eras, they enable new ways for firms to differentiate their offerings for increased revenues, target their consumers to improve customer experience, and lower their operational costs to improve margins.

Join John L Myers, managing research director for data and analytics at EMA, and Kevin Petrie, senior director of product marketing at Attunity, as they discuss how organizations are overcoming inherent challenges to enable SAP data-driven initiatives and meet the analytics goals of their organization with modern data integration and management.

In this webinar attendees will learn:

  • How data-driven organizations are changing the use of data and information for business exploration and improved analytics
  • How to integrate enterprise application data such as SAP and other disparate data sources across their IT landscape
  • The role of strategic data integration and management in accelerating data-driven initiatives with ERP, MRP and SCM platforms and preparing organizations for regulatory and corporate compliance
  • Modern data integration and ingestion approaches that enable improved analytics and faster ROI through automation
  • Examples of real world customer implementations of analytics using information from SAP applications

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