Glidewell Laboratories Moves Data to Amazon Redshift with Attunity CloudBeam 

Learn how they saved thousands of dollars and significantly improved their productivity.

Glidewell Laboratories (an industry-leader in dentistry) gathers large amounts of data from multiple laboratories around the world and moves it to Amazon Redshift using Attunity CloudBeam. Glidewell Laboratories regularly analyzes the data to identify new markets, evaluate sales efficiency, and measure the effectiveness of new processes. To date, they have saved thousands of dollars and have significantly improved their productivity.

In this webinar replay,  Mike Selberis, CIO, Glidewell Laboratories talks about how his team used solutions from Attunity and Amazon Web Services to move the right data to the right place a the right time so that their managers around the globe could have up-to-date actionable insights. Mike is joined by Rodan Zadeh, Director of Product Management, Attunity and Michael Ruiz, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services.

Together, they will cover:

  • How Glidewell Laboratories is using Attunity and AWS to turn their data into actionable insights
  • How Attunity Visibility can help optimize which data to move to the cloud
  • How Attunity CloudBeam can efficiently manage the data migration to the cloud
  • The benefits of Amazon Redshift, a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse

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