Hot? Warm? Cold?

Which Data Should You Move to Hadoop?

Today’s enterprises are challenged with capturing large amounts of data from a number of sources in a variety of formats, and then storing it in a cost-effective, timely manner in their data warehouse, the cloud and Hadoop. But how do you know that you’re moving the right data to the right place? Which data is hot and which is not? 


Join experts from MapR and Attunity for a live webinar and learn how to:

  • Take your data’s temperature to determine what is cold, what is warm and what is hot
  • Rebalance your data warehouse to identify less-frequently accessed data and resource-intensive workloads that can be moved to Hadoop
  • Seamlessly integrate your current enterprise data warehouse with a Modern Data Architecture
  • Develop a roadmap for implementing Data Lake that includes operational and analytical data sets
  • Use tools like Apache Drill to perform secure, concurrent, low latency SQL analytics on big data
  • Better utilize data assets to reduce costs while realizing more value from your data

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