How to Accelerate Real Time Data Ingest and Automate Transfer into Hadoop

Hadoop didn’t disrupt the data centre; the exploding amounts of Big Data did.

Big Data is transforming the way that organisations use and manage data. They now have more data in motion and at rest than ever before in higher velocities and from more sources across the organisation.

Businesses can't afford to miss opportunities for deeper insight due to time spent “data wrangling”. They are also looking for enterprise-class data loading solutions that go beyond simple tools such as Sqoop, which is more suitable for test and dev environments.

Watch this webinar to learn how Attunity and Hortonworks solutions alleviate those challenges.
You will hear: 

  • How to ingest the most valuable enterprise data into Hadoop
  • Real life use cases of Hortonworks HDF powered by Apache NiFi
  • How to combine the real time Change Data Capture (CDC) and connected data platforms from Hortonworks
You’ll also see a demo of Attunity Replicate and Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF) running together to move operational data collected in real time into Hadoop.

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