How to Operationalise Real-Time Hadoop in the Cloud

Hadoop and the Cloud are two of the most disruptive technologies to have emerged from the last decade, but how can you adapt to the increasing rate of change whilst providing the enterprise with the right data, quickly? 

Watch this webinar with Attunity, Cloudera and Microsoft and learn:

  • How to ingest the most valuable enterprise data into Hadoop
  • About real life use cases of Cloudera on Azure
  • How to combine the power of Hadoop and the scalable flexibility of Azure

You’ll also see a demo of Attunity Replicate, high-performance data integration software, the ideal Big Data solution for optimising and moving data in and out of Hadoop with speed and ease. 

Enable your business with more data in less time.

Co-hosted by  cloudera-hs16.png and  microsoft-logo-hs16.png

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