Information Economics A Modern Approach to Data Management

Watch this webinar replay, presented by Cognizant and Attunity

Today’s CIO is facing a data management crisis. Exploding amounts of enterprise data is resulting in an exponential rise in infrastructure costs. And workload-specific, heterogeneous data platforms are increasing the complexity of managing enterprise data. Facing these challenges, what strategy should an organization adopt to balance growing real-time data needs with current IT resources and budget constraints?

Join Attunity and Cognizant as we explore this and how to:

  • Develop a strategy to get the right data and workloads on the right platform at the right time
  • Measure app and data utilization by business lines to enable charge-back/show-back
  • Identify areas of inefficiencies and eliminate wasted resources
  • Explore the value of including BI framework as part of your data strategy

By attending, you’ll also see a demo of Attunity Visibility, which will highlight the many ways the solution can help you prioritize resources and investments and make more informed decisions.

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