Data Warehouse Automation and Real-time Data - Reducing Time to Value in a Distributed Analytical Environment 

Intelligent_business_strategies.jpgThe modern distributed landscape is becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, enterprises’ thirst for new data, agility and more complex analytics is also intensifying.

Leading business analyst Mike Ferguson from Intelligent Business Strategies, looks at how enterprises can remain agile and reduce time to value by extending the use of data warehouse automation (DWA) tools to work more complex big data analytical environments.

Read this whitepaper which looks specifically at how:

  • Companies can leverage automation to deal with the challenge and complexity of a data warehouse landscape
  • To exploit lower cost, scalable computing platforms, like Hadoop, Kafka and cloud storage, needed in big data analytics
  • To enable agility and reduce time to value with DWA solution Attunity Compose
  • To leverage Attunity in new Big Data and traditional analytical environments

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