Leveraging Mainframe Data for Modern Analytics

“The mainframe is going away” is as true now as it was 10, 20 and 30 years ago. Mainframes are still crucial in handling critical business transactions, they were however built for an era where batch data movement was the norm and can be difficult to integrate into today’s data-driven, real-time, analytics-focused business processes as well as the environments that support them. Until now.

Join experts from Confluent, Attunity, and Capgemini for a one-hour online talk session where you’ll learn how to:
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  • Unlock your mainframe data with unique
    change data capture (CDC) functionality without incurring the complexity and expense that come with sending ongoing queries into the mainframe database
  • How using CDC benefits advanced analytics approaches such as deep machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Deliver ongoing streams of data in real-time to the most demanding analytics environments
  • Ensure that your analytics environment includes the broadest possible range of data sources and destinations while ensuring true enterprise-grade functionality
  • Identify use cases that can help you get started delivering value to the business moving from POC to Pilot to Production


Jordan Martz, Director of Technology Solutions, Attunity
David Tucker, Director of Partner Engineering, Confluent
Keith Reid, Principal, Insights and Data: Client Engagement and Practice Leader, Capgemini

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