Managing & Monitoring Large-Scale Data Lake Ingest – with Attunity Enterprise Manager

As enterprises today are scaling up data lake implementations, the number of data sources also continues to grow. This scenario has made it challenging for organizations to manage and ensure reliable operations at scale.

New technology, such as the innovative and easy-to-use Attunity Enterprise Manager, helps enterprises reduce the complexity of large implementations by automating large-scale data movement, and centralizing management and monitoring of the many data ingest processes that enable Big Data analytics platforms. 

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Enable data ingest from 1000s of data sources to support strategic corporate data lakes 
  • Reduce the complexity of large data replication implementations while increasing efficiency 
  • Manage servers and tasks in real-time via KPIs, graphs, gauges and alert notifications 
  • Customize views by grouping, searching, filtering and drilling down on key tasks to control complex ingest activities across the enterprise
Presented by:

Jordan Martz, Director of Technology Solutions, Attunity

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