Real-time Data Pipelines with Attunity and Apache Kafka

Creating Real-Time Data Pipelines with SAP and Apache KafkaLeading applications such as Oracle and SAP hold a potential treasure chest of insight into a business that’s just waiting to be tapped into. The value of this data can be extended when it’s coupled with Apache Kafka and streamed across the business. In fact, in a recent survey, 75% of respondents said they connect enterprise applications through Apache Kafka™ so they already know the secret. Attunity and Confluent make integration of this streaming data straightforward.

Join experts from Attunity and Confluent to learn how to integrate data with Kafka to quickly, easily and continuously stream data from leading applications and other sources to all parts of the business.

We’ll talk about the benefits of creating real-time data pipelines with Apache Kafka. We’ll also provide a demo showing the power and ease of the joint solution of streaming SAP data using Attunity Replicate and Confluent Enterprise.


  • Ted Orme, EMEA VP of Technology, Attunity
  • Clarke Patterson, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Confluent
  • Ian Archibald, Pre Sales Director EMEA, Attunity
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